About AfLLIP

About AfLLIP

Association of African Law Library and Information Professionals


A vibrant and trusted network for the growth of law librarianship and legal information professionals in Africa.


To empower legal information professionals in Africa to support legal research and promote legal information awareness on the continent.

Core values
  • We are committed to diversity and inclusion
  • We have a conviction that access to legal information is a human right
  • We are committed to professionalism and innovation
  • We cherish global cooperation


Main objectives

The main objectives of the Association are as follows


Provide leadership in the growth and development of law librarianship in Africa and serve as research think-tank on issues affecting legal information management in Africa


Muster cooperation and promote the professional interest of AfLLIP members


Foster professional networking and knowledge exchange among AfLLIP members


Facilitate professional development for AfLLIP members through mentorship programmes, workshops and seminars


Promote African legal scholarship and access to legal literature


Collaborate with national and international law library associations to promote international legal research and knowledge sharing